Saturday, March 7, 2015

Truth or No Consequences (in Climate Science) *Updated

To Lie or not to Lie, Roz Pidcock at it again

A short while ago, on the paid propaganda blog Carbon Brief, Mz Pidcock wrote an article with the title

New satellite reveals places on Earth most at risk from ocean acidification

The active map shown is screen captured here:

I can't locate the original caption, but the revised caption says it's of alkalinity. It's not, and even after being informed it's of Salinity and changing the caption TO alkalinity she's not corrected it to read salinity. 

The Story was picked up by Grist, before ANY corrections were made, so a graphic of changes in salinity is being interpreted as horrid ocean acidification.

There's more on this story at Imablawg, but this kind of post misleading story without fact checking is becoming a habit with Ms. Pidcock it seems. 

In her rush to discredit those who are sceptical of consensus science, Ms Pidcock posted an article: which she has since revised, which included false information about Dr. Susan Crockford. 

Dr Crockford's comments from twitter:

Mz Pidcock changed the original post after the exchanges, the revised post is located at:

polar bear post

Changes include:

 Replacing this outdated map

with the newer polar bear habitat map
Replacing text:

and leaving misleading statements about Dr. Crockford in place. 

Again, this 'journalistic' style of misinform, don't research subject you are writing about then issue correction after the damage is done seems to be becoming a Pidcock hallmark.

Thanks to Dr. Crockford for assistance compiling this post.

Roz Pidcock replied on twitter, seemingly unable to post reply here:

I replied on twitter:


At it again:

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