Monday, April 20, 2015

New Paper Uses the Lindzen, Choi 2011 "Iris-Effect" and gets Stunning Reality

A new paper was published today in Nature Geoscience titled "Missing iris effect as a possible cause of muted hydrological change and high climate sensitivity in models", co-written by Bjorn Stevens who seems to be interested in why the models run so hot.

From the abstract we have:
A controversial hypothesis suggests that the dry and clear regions of the tropical atmosphere expand in a warming climate and thereby allow more infrared radiation to escape to space. This so-called iris effect could constitute a negative feedback that is not included in climate models. We find that inclusion of such an effect in a climate model moves the simulated responses of both temperature and the hydrological cycle to rising atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations closer to observations.
 (Bold is mine.)

That is a complete understatement.  Many readers will be familiar with the 'tropics troposphere of doom' such as this:

With the Iris Effect applied 100%, models get MUCH closer to reality:

Another line of evidence that the oceans are the real climate regulator.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Climate Sceptic on Twitter? Learn to PROTECT yourself.

It seems some on twitter have rediscovered how to get those they disagree with suspended and eventually banned on twitter again. This has happened before, it's something YOU can do something about personally.

This page is a discussion of how many people get suspended, a generic yet good guide for those new to twitter.

This link walks through the steps in appealing a suspension:

This link explains how some people can try to maliciously get your account suspended/banned, and often succeed:

After losing 3 accounts in a few months, I finally found a list of 'rules' for posting, following them (mostly) has helped me keep my account posting now for over a year.

Since Twitter has recently suspended both @SteveSGoddard and @Tan123 accounts, it may be that another group inimical to free speech and dissident viewpoints re Climate Science is working to kill dissent and dissenter's accounts. Hopefully this little guide will help you keep YOUR account safe and posting truth to the green power establishment.