Friday, February 27, 2015

OMG THREATS! Pielke Jr. Threatened! GregLaden of the infamous 'deniers list' has issued threats to Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Even "Dark Money" Robert Brulle says "Investigation" by Rep. Grijalva totally inappropriate

A Drexel University study finds that a large slice of donations to organizations that deny global warming are funneled through third-party pass-through organizations that conceal the original funder. But on twitter, even he finds these investigations unfair and inappropriate:

 Not only has the author called for the disclosure of the like of Greenpeace, NRDC etc., the Director of NASA's GISS has come out against this insane witchhunt:
So, Senators Markley, Boxer and Whitehouse, where is your "science" now?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Jackboots are being polished, the knives are out, the victims are Science and Free Speech in the US.

UPDATE! Greg Laden of deniers list infamy Threatening Roger Pielke Jr:
It seems that Rep Grijalva forgot to mention he is on a fishing trip to 7 Universities, intimidating respected scientists with many hundreds of peer reviewed papers between them, congressional requests sent to the institutions they work for. BTW, Pure as the driven snow @RepRaulGrijalva didn't disclose to any of the scientists he's McCarthying the $78,854 he's taken from environmental lobbying groups.

This appears coordinated with attack letters from OFA,
As a life-long lover of science and freedom of speech, I felt compelled to respond to Grijalva:

Many scientists in the field are weighing in on this despicable act by Congresscritter Grijalva, more reaction will be posted as time permits, pertinent comments found:
Michael Tobis:

 Meanwhile, Michael Mann has no real comment of substance:
Robert Way being sensible:
From Bob Ward, with ClimateBrad Johnson trying to excuse the inexcusable:

and Gerry Morrow & others add comments:

Simon Donner replies to Ward:
From Judith Curry and David Lea:
From Alex H, USThermophysics:

From Ryan Maue:

via Paul Matthews:
From Andy Revkin:
and an update, response to critic:
and Jonathan Jones:
Richard Betts of the MET:
and Ben Pyle responds:
Jonathan Jones has been subject to this before, but not by the US Government:
My Coblog weighs in:
and Jaime Jessup:
From Roger Pielke Jr himself:

Via Tom Nelson:
From Steve Goddard's timeline:

Former Gore advisor Kalee Kreider, reply by Roger Tallbloke

And to Richard Betts:
and to the esteemed congress critter Grijalva:
Pertinent, concise. hilarious. Snark from Brad Keyes:
From Paul Matthews, with replies:

Eric Stieg:
Via Sundance regarding @RepRaulGrijalva's mostly union funding. near 200k!
From Foxgoose:

From Andrew Branca:
From William Briggs:

Seems Jim Bouldin has issues with Pielke Jr, accepts others as collateral Damage.
Andy Skuce, SkS blog contributor:
Pielke Jr on Christie Congressional Request:
From Pielke's pen:

Disgustingly enough, the constant attacks on Dr Pielke have had desired results:

Richard Betts links the UCS post
Halperin prevaricates re Pielke's science.
Gavin Schmidt has this to say:
This statement from Robert Brulle:
Via Barry Woods:
Dr. Scott 'super' Mandia seems FINE with having a new inquisition run on heretics & those who disagree on minor points:

which is one of the most disgusting and prevaricating posts I have ever seen from an alleged Scientist. Here's Mandia's selfie of him 'saving the planet'. Narcissistic?

Katie Hopkins: David Rose: James Wilsdon: via WUWT and Les Johnson: Indicative of the reason for the step up in demonizing Climate Scientists who do not foresee calamity, the US Government new guidelines to all federal agencies does not mention temperature. The only thing to be mentioned specifically is CO2.

From Paul Matthews: From Craig Rucker: From Steven F Hayward, another of the witch hunt victims: Another Democrat witch hunter chimes in, with comment from Leo Hickman: Strongest statement yet from Richard Betts: Climate Wire gets into the discussion here:
Judith Curry has a post on her blog regarding this witch hunt by Grijalva. He knows and has known her funding, esp as she was a Democrat witness in the past.

I strongly recommend reading her post.
Link to Milloy website, info on Grijalva witch hunt on Dr. Lindzen From Benjamin Riley: More from Roger Pielke Jr, to Judith Curry: PhD student speaks out: More from Revkin of Dot Earth blog: From Roger Pielke Sr: From Bob Ryan: From Thomas Crockett: From Junk Science, link to Terence Corcoran: Stephen Hayward links Politico post by Richard Lowry And another highly critical article denouncing the Inquisition against Climate Science heresy appears: Another takeaway from Politico story: And Derek Sorenson links Paul Homewood: One of the better comments I've seen to date: The American Association of University Professors, Mikey Mann and other responses here:

And more blowback: from 'The Breakthrough Org' James Delingpole's take: And more blowback: FOIA filed against U Delaware:

And more from the American Meteorological Society: The Arizona Republic on Grijalva's witch hunt: More from Roger Pielke Jr: Latest update, Greg Laden threatening Roger Pielke Jr.:

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Crash! (and sometimes burn as well) A short visual primer on the drawbacks of Wind Energy (or lack thereof when needed)

Friday, February 20, 2015

When will the coming blackouts hit YOU?

Germany is scrapping it's nuclear power plants early and building 20 plus new coal plants to Save The Planet. This is called Energiewende in Germany.

At one time, the Nobel Peace Prize stood for something.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

So you like wind turbines? Back Story: Post Script: Jorge, the Last Great Bustard in Cadiz, Spain.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Water, water everywhere and not a drop of acid!

Update 1, 2 and 3:
IPCC chief in a bit of trouble:


He's pretty pathetic writing bodice rippers as well:

Not everyone rips bodices well

but on a MUCH more serious note:
The Quadrant article is a must read, Pachauri issuing a call for more redistribution.

Latest update:

Police ponder assault and stalking charges against Pachauri

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Get a Drink, Caldeira is Talking About His Drought Models Again

We hear it everyday from the media about how the Earth is changing in some region in one fashion or another.  That fashion is near always in some sort negative context that deviates from "the way it should be".

These media reports are based on studies that get processed into something of sensation so that an article of "dog bites man" is reversed to "man bites dog".

Take for instance a this article on a paper that has not even been released.

The first image one is greeted with is of Lake Oroville, one of the many California's water reservoirs, in a state of low capacity.  Certainly an image of California's current drought status.

The second paragraph goes on with the usual mantra:
"The driving force behind the devastating droughts? Human-induced global warming, the team reported."
But then, after many paragraphs of Ken Caldeira (not related to the study) talking about his drinking problem and when he generates drought models, climate scientist Benjamin I. Cook of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies says:
“I do, however, want to be clear that our results do not say anything about the current and ongoing drought in California,”
No science communication problems here...

Friday, February 13, 2015


Examples: Ohm's Law valid only for linear electrical systems.
Gravity: invalid under relativity, on micro scale approach to infinite value of G not seen as R approaches 0.
Bernoulli's principle in aeronautics, breaks down at super and trans sonic speeds.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Whatever is this "Ocean Acidification" (And why does my spell check fail on "acidification")?

Covering about 71% of the planet's surface, the world's oceans play a fundamental role in shaping climate zones we see on land. This is a good reason to measure various parameters of the different oceans and determine where these parameters were in the past and where they will be in the future.

Of the numerous risible calamities to be associated with the climate change science, "Ocean Acidification" must be one of the poorest studied and wildly narrated of climate change science topics.

As you can see, the IPCC WGI AR5 has rolled out the High Certainty Welcome Wagon concerning this topic.  With such a high degree of certainty, one would think that there would be a large amount of observational data to accompany such a judgement. Think again.

From Richard Telford's blog is a comment by Latimer Alder that is quite an eye opener:

There are only these three (BATS, HOTS and ESTOC) long term datasets, and only Bermuda (BATS) goes back to 1983.  An IPCC observational Working Group I reports, with High Certainty the sum of all data:

Verified with this concluding Discussion remark in Hofmann (2011):

In summary, together, these pH time series create a compelling argument for the collection of more continuous data of this kind. Specifically, these data represent a critical step in understanding the consequences of ocean change: the linkage of present-day pH exposures to organismal tolerance and how this translates into ecological change in marine ecosystems [27],[81]. Long-term datasets exist, but many are in open-ocean locations (HOTS, BATS, ESTOC) and do not capture environmental variation in the coastal marine habitats that are of such critical ecological and economic value [20]. Additionally, they often do not capture changes in pH at physiologically relevant timescales since they are limited by ship-board sampling frequencies. 

Obviously, all the other datasets are modeled somewhere else.

Special thanks to Latimer Alder for pointing this comment out.


Update 2: